Saturday, May 19, 2012

Count Down to One

Kyton will be one in 30 days! In an effort to try and enjoy and remember it I’m stealing an idea off of one of his baby friends and posting a picture each day until he is one.  As you may remember I am doing a 365 day project for his first year, so this will be the perfect ending.  After I went back to work at 4 months I stopped posting the month summary since it’s hard to get a good picture when I get home at the end of the day, so we’ll see how this goes! 

I made a badge that I’ll add to the countdown posts. 

countdown to one  

Stop by my blog every evening around 11 PM to see the picture of the day. 


Pat Tillett said...

I'm betting this has been a quick year!
The photo in the "button" is so good!

Katy said...

What a fun idea! It's funny how those last days feel. Soon he will be a toddler! :)

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