Thursday, May 24, 2012

Belize City, Belize

Belize City-29.jpgBelize City-28.jpg Hello, this is Dylan. Carly has asked me to guest post for our visit to Belize, so here goes...This is Belikin, the official beer of Belize, which was one of the stops on our cruise.
 Belize City-27.jpgBelize City-26.jpg On this day we decided to split into separate groups. Carly's dad and sisters wanted to go kayaking down a river, but since Ky could not do that because of his age, we (Carly, Ky, Carly's mom and myself) went to go see the ruins at Altun Ha instead.                                                                              The last time we had gone to Belize we saw the ruins at Xunantunich.Belize City-25.jpgBelize City-22.jpgThese kids wouldn't move so I just got my picture taken with them instead. It doesn't look as epic=(
Belize City-24.jpgBelize City-23.jpgBelize City-21.jpgAltun Ha is the site of a Mayan City that was occupied from 900 BC to 1000 AD.Belize City-20.jpgBelize City-19.jpgBelize City-18.jpgBelize City-17.jpgBelize City-16.jpg     Ky had fun enjoying the rain forest. Belize City-15.jpgSee the face in the stones? Apparently it was a Jester God. Belize City-14.jpgBelize City-13.jpg    Ky developed a taste for Belizean grass. We now have it shipped to our home for him to munch on.Belize City-12.jpgBelize City-11.jpgBelize City-10.jpgBelize City-9.jpgBelize City-8.jpg     A good shot of the 'Sun God's Tomb'. Belize City-7.jpgStanding on said tomb.Belize City-6.jpgEnjoying the view.Belize City-5.jpgBelize City-4.jpgBelize City-3.jpgApparently this particular site was a little more civil than at Xunantunich. They did not have a ball court where they played death games here. Oh well...Belize City-2.jpgBelize City.jpg    I hope you enjoyed the post!

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Katy said...

That looks like a cool place to visit! Thanks for sharing!

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