Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Pool Date

We met some baby friends at what we’ll call a local pool and playground.  *Others may call it a Disney resort.*

Our water baby LOVED playing in the pool, and putting his face and head in the water.  He leaned back and laughed as he floated. He also tried to drink the water.  After the pool, the babies spent a little time on the playground.

Mother's day - me & Ky.jpgMother's day - me & Ky-9.jpg
He won’t wear a hat, so we cover his head in sunscreen. 

Mother's day - me & Ky-2.jpgMother's day - me & Ky-3.jpgMother's day - me & Ky-4.jpg

Mother's day - me & Ky-5.jpgMother's day - me & Ky-6.jpgMother's day - me & Ky-7.jpgMother's day - me & Ky-8.jpg

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