Sunday, May 27, 2012

23 days to One

We spent the day celebrating. Two one year olds, a four year old and two friends in a new house.  We were busy, but it was such a fun day of amazing food and great friends.

We captured a rare family picture. 
countdown to one-3.jpgcountdown to one-2.jpg

Ky is great at walking with his left leg, but for some reason the right leg does not have it down yet.  I think it’ll be a while before he walks.  He’s such a speedy crawler, its almost like he sees no point in walking.  The difficult thing about crawling is that he wants down when we are out, and often there is not a clean place to crawl.  He refuses to be held, and squirms until I give in and let him crawl on the filthy ground. 


I love this sweet face!
countdown to one.jpg

Thanks friends for inviting us to your parties!


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