Sunday, May 27, 2012

22 days to One

Kyton was ‘helping’ me go through the items in my bedside drawer when he came across a pacifier.  At around 7 months he gave up pacifiers and bottles when the teeth started to come in.  I don’t think that he was completely sure what to do with it.  At one point he shoved the whole entire thing into his mouth! 
countdown to one-2.jpgcountdown to one.jpg

For lunch I decided to try giving him a slice of watermelon to see what he would do with it. 

countdown to one-3.jpg

He started by chewing on the rind. 

countdown to one-4.jpg

Eventually he turned it around. 

countdown to one-6.jpgcountdown to one-7.jpgcountdown to one-5.jpg 

In the end he ate two slices of melon.
countdown to one-8.jpg

Later in the day we went to a  party with a pool.  This was the first time that Dylan got to see what a water baby Ky is.  (I didn’t bring my camera.) 

He is laying across my lap as I type sleeping.  I just love moments like this where I can soak in extra cuddle time. 


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Sheri said...

I don't comment much but I have to tell you that every single day when I open up your blog I smile. Your little boy is so adorable!

Sheri (The other Sheri and Dylan)

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