Thursday, May 31, 2012

18 days to One

Today I planned a surprise family event, blackberry picking, at a local U-pick farm. Unfortunately as we arrived the sky turned gray despute looking clear on the radar.  5 minutes into berry picking the skies opened up and ended out outing.  I spiked Ky’s wet hair, and surprisingly it stayed the entire night. 

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

19 days to One

When I came home Ky picked up my keys and tried to use them to open the door.  He’s got the right idea!

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Tonight when I was kissing him and telling him how much I love him he said “Wi Wo Wu.” I’m interpreting that as I love you. :-)  He has been so much more vocal lately.  He has quite a lot to say, but most of the time we can’t really understand what he says.  He did tell Dylan “Bye bye Da” as he was leaving.  He also says and signs “more” when he wants more food.  It’s so exciting to be able to communicate with him more each day. 

Our trip to Clearwater

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This is Dylan, guest blogging again. We went to Clearwater Beach this Memorial Day and met a friend and her family from one of Carly's 'Mom's' groups.
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A tropical storm had been going through Florida this weekend and we thought we might get rained out, but went anyway and it turned out to be a gorgeous (and dry) day!
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Kyton seems to love the beach, he crawled around the dry sand away from the water, along the wet sand just to where the tide came up, and played with a shovel and buckets all afternoon.
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Happily crawling away...
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We were always there spotting him when he was down by the tide. The current was strong that day and could have swept our baby boy right up!
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He had a bit of a mohawk going on.
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We hope you have enjoyed our post!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

20 days to One

I’m not exactly sure how it came to this, but to get Ky to sleep we bounce him on an exercise ball.  I know, it’s a little strange.  We don’t have a rocking chair, and it was the closest thing that we could find. We used to have him trained to go to sleep on his own, but after two weeks of rocking to sleep at Christmas he got used to it.  He will only want to be rocked to sleep  bounced on the ball for a short time, so we are going to enjoy every minute. 

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Monday, May 28, 2012

21 days to One

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Our beautiful boy in the bath after a fun beach day.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

22 days to One

Kyton was ‘helping’ me go through the items in my bedside drawer when he came across a pacifier.  At around 7 months he gave up pacifiers and bottles when the teeth started to come in.  I don’t think that he was completely sure what to do with it.  At one point he shoved the whole entire thing into his mouth! 
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For lunch I decided to try giving him a slice of watermelon to see what he would do with it. 

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He started by chewing on the rind. 

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Eventually he turned it around. 

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In the end he ate two slices of melon.
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Later in the day we went to a  party with a pool.  This was the first time that Dylan got to see what a water baby Ky is.  (I didn’t bring my camera.) 

He is laying across my lap as I type sleeping.  I just love moments like this where I can soak in extra cuddle time. 


23 days to One

We spent the day celebrating. Two one year olds, a four year old and two friends in a new house.  We were busy, but it was such a fun day of amazing food and great friends.

We captured a rare family picture. 
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Ky is great at walking with his left leg, but for some reason the right leg does not have it down yet.  I think it’ll be a while before he walks.  He’s such a speedy crawler, its almost like he sees no point in walking.  The difficult thing about crawling is that he wants down when we are out, and often there is not a clean place to crawl.  He refuses to be held, and squirms until I give in and let him crawl on the filthy ground. 


I love this sweet face!
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Thanks friends for inviting us to your parties!


Friday, May 25, 2012

24 Days to One

Our plans changed this evening when I came home to find the house 84 degrees!  We had to have the A/C guy come and add more Freon.  Unfortunately we learned about 2 years ago that we are on borrowed time and will soon need to replace the unit. Our last fix lasted 21 months, so maybe this will work for a year or two.   

Kyton eating a whole banana. 
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I love his beautiful eyes, and those delicate lashes. 
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25 days to one

Ky enjoyed a fun morning with daddy while mommy got ready, then instead of going to work we did something fun.  More on that later. Here are the shots of the day.
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Photo Friday
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