Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mahogany Bay on the island of Roatan, Honduras

One of my favorite destinations on our cruise was Roatan Honduras. Once again, we’ve been there before, and this time we decided to do the exact same thing. 

Rotan, Hondouras.jpgRotan, Hondouras-2.jpgRotan, Hondouras-3.jpgRotan, Hondouras-4.jpgRotan, Hondouras-5.jpgRotan, Hondouras-7.jpgRotan, Hondouras-9.jpg

We hired a taxi to take us here . (below)

Rotan, Hondouras-14.jpg

Half moon bay has about the best snorkeling that we’ve experienced. 

Rotan, Hondouras-15.jpg

The taxi was ours for the day so our driver and tour guide waited all day as we snorkeled.

Rotan, Hondouras-16.jpg

It was perfect since we could easily take turns watching Ky. 

Rotan, Hondouras-17.jpg

If you are visiting Honduras on a cruise, and enjoy snorkeling this is the place to visit.

Rotan, Hondouras-19.jpgRotan, Hondouras-20.jpgRotan, Hondouras-21.jpg


My sister watching Ky.
Rotan, Hondouras-22.jpgRotan, Hondouras-23.jpgRotan, Hondouras-25.jpg

The pictures below, and the gorgeous sunrise images above are from Rebecca’s camera. (my sister)

Rotan, Hondouras-13.jpg

Rotan, Hondouras-12.jpg

Rotan, Hondouras-10.jpg

Rotan, Hondouras-11.jpg


Tea said...

Lovely pictures! Is that your son in the main blog header? Bc my son is also growing his two top "beside the middle" teeth instead of his top middle ones lol

Jenny said...

Looks all the boat pictures!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I'm sold... ready to NOW!

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