Monday, April 30, 2012

Lake Eola day

I love simple family events, like our picnic and walk at Lake Eola.  It was an easy cheap afternoon, but the time together as a family enjoying our beautiful Orlando weather was priceless!
Lake Eola dayatparlk-15.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-13.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-11.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-10.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-9.jpg
drumer Ky.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-18.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-8.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-7.jpg
Lake Eola dayatparlk-6.jpg
Some of my favorite scenic photos were taken a few years ago at the same location. 
Lake Eola dayatparlk-5.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-4.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-3.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-2.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk.jpg
Lake Eola dayatparlk-16.jpg

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Katy said...

I agree! These photos are fantastic! I love the buildings in the background! Tell Dylan to get off his phone and take some pictures of you! :)

Carly said...

Thanks Katy, I have about 10 pictures of me since the baby was born. I'll even ask him every now and then, and he says later, but never thinks of it.

Christina said...

Beautiful pictures, as usual! Yes, we need to see more of you! I get happy when my husband actually takes the camera for a change! :)

Christina said...
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