Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ky is 10 months old!

Our sweet little man has made so many changes in his 9th month of life. 
Ky is 10 months old!-8.jpg
He began month nine on a Caribbean cruise with my sisters and parents. 
cozumel-8.jpg cozumel-20.jpg
We boarded the ship on his actual month birthday.  He was army crawling at that time, but had not been able to get the hang of crawling on his knees.  (In his crimson shirt)
light doors-3.jpg
Ky is 10 months old!-11.jpg
light doors.jpg
On our fun day at sea he learned the tricks of the trade on the balcony, and became an official crawler.  Since then he has become much much more proficient and speedy.  The kid can make it from anywhere in the house to the door within 15 seconds of my arriving home.When he gets to me he stops crawling and reaches out his arms. 
Ky is 10 months old!-17.jpg
Ky is 10 months old!-18.jpgKy is 10 months old!-19.jpg
On our last day at sea Kyton pulled up while standing on a chair in the art auction.  Since then he has not stopped pulling up.   He now stands with only one hand, and scales our furniture.
Ky is 10 months old!-5.jpg
He loves being worn and being close to us.  He wraps his little arms around our body and gives us hugs as we walk. 
 light doors-4.jpg
Prior to this month he said “hey” and “hi” when he was 6 months old.  At about 9 1/2 months he started using “mom or mama” to name both parents.  He was saying mama before, but not always in context.  He would cry mama in his crib, but it was not consistent.  Just within the last few days before his 10 month birthday he has gotten down “dad or dada.” 
Ky is 10 months old!-20.jpg
I’ve been throwing in a little sign language here and there, and today he crawled up to me while he was playing, and used the sign for more.  It was about time for his evening table food, so I think he may have been signing to me.  It’s too early to tell on that one.
Ky is 10 months old!-21.jpg
Everything goes into his mouth.
Ky is 10 months old!-10.jpg
He has a wonderful personality and loves to make people laugh.  He has learned to dance and enjoys being the center of attention.  When we are out in public he plays a game where he stares at people with a huge smile until they notice him and smile back.  Everyone that we meet adores him and his beautiful smile and hair.  He has such a fun personality!
Ky is 10 months old!-6.jpg
Ky is 10 months old!-7.jpg
We’ve gone from a baby that slowly army crawls to a child that pulls up on everything, and crawls all over the house.  He’s very curious and gets into everything!
Ky is 10 months old!-12.jpg
To say that we’ve had to baby proof is an understatement. 

Ky is 10 months old!-24.jpg
We re-baby proof daily. 
light doors-5.jpg
I can’t believe how much he has learned in a month!
Ky is 10 months old!-9.jpg


Katy said...

Oh how fun! You will continue to baby proof (and in our case toddler proof) and he discovers new things that you never thought of ;) Kyton is sooo cute! I love the picture of the 2 of you guys and he's smiling looking at the camera! Wow 10 months? Where does the time go? :)

Christina said...

So adorable! Isn't it amazing how quickly they pick up new "tricks"? I find it so hard to believe Ethan will be ONE in just two months... This is such a precious age, though.

Emily said...

What a beautiful, happy boy. It's amazing how much he has grown! Looks like you may have a dose of trouble on your hands pretty soon... :)

Donna said...

He is such a handsome and happy baby. What a delight.

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