Friday, April 20, 2012

Kissing daddy

Seeing this makes me melt.
Kissing Kyton-8.jpg
I love seeing my boys laugh together. 
Kissing Kyton-7.jpgKissing Kyton-6.jpg
I love hearing the squeals of happiness from our little boy.
Kissing Kyton-5.jpg
I love seeing a father teach his son that it’s ok to hug and kiss. 
Kissing Kyton-4.jpg
…since he was hugged and kissed by his father. 
Kissing Kyton-5.jpg
I love their smushed up faces.  
Kissing Kyton-6.jpg
I pray for these two…
Kissing Kyton-4.jpg
that they will have a wonderful relationship. 
Kissing Kyton-3.jpg
They already do!

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