Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grand Cayman Island

For the first stop on our cruise we visited Grand Cayman.  Last time we were there we visited Stingray city, so Dylan wanted to ‘go to Hell’.  It’s a mini city known for the interesting rock features.  Dylan thought it would be neat to say that we’d been to Hell and back. (More on that later this week from Dylan.)

Cruise day 1&2 -2012-54.jpg

We do our research before going on a cruise, and learn the cheap way to do the same activities that are offered on the cruise ship through private companies.  This time we walked a few streets from the port to the ‘city bus.’  You’ll see I added quotation marks because this was not at all what we were expecting.  It was a van.  Apparently the busses in Grand Cayman are private.  The driver owns a van and buys an annual license to put the bus sticker on her van.  Honestly at first we were a little suspicious, but a few minutes into the ride when the locals got on the ‘bus’ we figured it was safe.  We also got to talk with some local people who I am sure were wishing they could just enjoy their ride and not answer our silly questions about off shore bank accounts…  just kidding.  We just asked about fast food restaurants, the price of gas, and how to get around the island. 

Cruise day 1&2 -2012-38.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-39.jpg

We did some walking, and were able to see a little bit of local life.

Cruise day 1&2 -2012-72.jpg
Cruise day 1&2 -2012-73.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-74.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-75.jpg

Dylan was amazing carrying the baby, the diaper bag, and the bag with our masks, snorkels, wetsuits and towels.  I carried my camera and our fins. 

Cruise day 1&2 -2012-76.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-77.jpg

Finally we arrived at Cemetery Beach.  We knew we were there when we saw the actual cemetery.
Cruise day 1&2 -2012-78.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-79.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-81.jpg

We had our stateroom steward loan us an extra sheet, which worked pretty well for Ky. 

Cruise day 1&2 -2012-83.jpg

The previous day on the ship he officially learned to crawl on his hands and knees. (He was an army crawler before.)

Cruise day 1&2 -2012-85.jpg.
You can see his vampire teeth in this shot. 

Cruise day 1&2 -2012-86.jpg

He perfected crawling on the sandy beaches of Grand Cayman Island. 

Cruise day 1&2 -2012-87.jpg

He’d crawl from one end  of the blanket to the other then I’d start him again.

Cruise day 1&2 -2012-88.jpg

While Dylan snorkeled Ky played in the water.  He cried when he had to get out. He LOVES the ocean. The only time he had been to the beach before this was for his modeling gig. 

Cruise day 1&2 -2012-89.jpg

Ky loved his day at the beach.
Cruise day 1&2 -2012-90.jpg

Before long we had to catch the bus back to our tender.

Cruise day 1&2 -2012-91.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-92.jpg
Cruise day 1&2 -2012-94.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-93.jpg

The snorkeling was great and we had a fun day. 


Pat Tillett said...

Thanks for tour! What a beautiful place and fantastic photos of it. LOVE those big cloudy skies...

Emily said...

He is getting so big! Be sure to baby proof everything... those little guys can be troublemakers once they're mobile! Looks like you had a wonderful trip. :)

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