Friday, April 6, 2012

From my window

We had a wonderful family vacation with my parents and sisters on a 7 day cruise.  Easy access to cruises is definitely an advantage to living in FL.  My family booked the cruise about 2 weeks before we set sail.
Cruise day 1&2 -2012.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-3.jpg
These pictures are taken ‘from my window’ as we were leaving the port. Cruise day 1&2 -2012-2.jpg
It was a MUCH needed break from the grind. 
Cruise day 1&2 -2012-5.jpg
Here’s my excuse for not blogging in a while…. Spring Break!  Obviously I failed on my 40 days of blogging challenge, but I have plenty to blog about now with my cruise pictures.  
Cruise day 1&2 -2012-4.jpg
Photo Friday as my inspiration for this post.
Do you know from the pictures what port we went out of?


Katy said...

I think you sailed out of Miami but I don't know. I am pretty sure it wasn't Port Canaveral LOL :)

Dina said...

It's okay! Your forgiven!!!

Pat Tillett said...

Nice! I've never been on a cruise, but I just may have to do so... It seems much more relaxing than flying!
Looking forward to you photos!

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