Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daddy, Live in Concert

This weekend we headed to an outdoor festival to see Dylan’s band play.    Toward the end of the concert I decided to let him go, and he crawled all around the fellow concert patrons. 
Daddy, Live in concert.jpgDaddy, Live in concert-4.jpg
Daddy, Live in concert-2.jpgDaddy, Live in concert-3.jpgDaddy, Live in concert-5.jpg
He especially loved eating the grass. (I realized as I was snapping the photo, and stopped him seconds later.)
Daddy, Live in concert-6.jpgDaddy, Live in concert-7.jpgDaddy, Live in concert-8.jpgDaddy, Live in concert-9.jpgDaddy, Live in concert-12.jpg
He even clapped at the appropriate times. 
Daddy, Live in concert-11.jpgDaddy, Live in concert-10.jpgDaddy, Live in concert-14.jpgDaddy, Live in concert-13.jpg
Ky loved the music and even showed off his dance moves.
Daddy, Live in concert-15.jpgDaddy, Live in concert-16.jpg

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Unknown said...

Just stopped by from cup 1/2 full link up and had to tell you how sweet your little red head is!!

I have an 8 month old with a reddish tint to his hair, but nothing compared to yours.

I love it!!

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