Monday, April 9, 2012

Cruising the Caribbean

My sister asked if she could put Kyton’s feet into the shallow end of the pool, and…. well….. this is what happened.

Cruise day 1&2 -2012-22.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-23.jpg

Since the ship was swaying slightly the water had small waves of water. 
Cruise day 1&2 -2012-24.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-25.jpg

Ky got many cuddles from grandma.
Cruise day 1&2 -2012-26.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-27.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-28.jpg

We ‘wore’ Ky pretty much the entire cruise. It was nice that he could easily fall asleep and we could do anything. Cruise day 1&2 -2012-36.jpg

At meals Ky would sit in the high chair and smile at EVERYONE that walked by.  I think he has a game of trying to see how many people he can get to smile at him. He averaged 20 people per meal.  The waiters loved him too.  Our challenge was that everyone loved to touch him, which I normally don’t mind too much, but the doctor specifically told us not to let anyone touch him.  Cruise day 1&2 -2012-11.jpg

It was formal night, so we enjoyed getting all dressed up.  About half of the pictures are from my sister’s camera.  I love my big camera, but hers was much easier to take with us on the ship.
Cruise day 1&2 -2012-29.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-30.jpg

Ky’s favorite dinner time activity was playing with spoons. 
Cruise day 1&2 -2012-31.jpgCruise day 1&2 -2012-32.jpg

This is what the floor looked like at the end of dinner every night.
Cruise day 1&2 -2012-34.jpg

I stole this final image from my sister’s camera. 
Cruise day 1&2 -2012-35.jpg


Paige said...

He is soooo adorable! And the cruise looks beautiful! Soo jealous!

Dina said...

What did you guys do for food for him? Did they have veggies the mashed up for you? We are going on a cruise when our little one will be around the same age just curious.

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