Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cozumel, Mexico

Our number one priority in Cozumel was to snorkel.  We chartered a boat to take us out snorkeling.  When they pulled up to the first snorkeling site we were disappointed that it was so close to the shore that we could have taken a cab, and swam to the location.  We had them go to a different location in the protected area of the park.  There was a very very strong current, so it was nice to be dropped off at one location,  and float along to the pick up location.   We are all pretty good swimmers, but it was the sort of current that would have taken all of our energy to stay in one place. It was a three stop trip so we all took turns staying with Kyton.  The fish were amazing!

cozumel.jpg cozumel-2.jpg
Dylan and Sharon on the boat heading out to snorkel. cozumel-3.jpgcozumel-4.jpg
The picture below is from my sister’s camera. 
construction workers taking an afternoon siesta.
One of the resorts
The last time that we were in Mexico the weather did not cooperate for snorkeling, so we took a tour of the island.
My sis and mom (below)
We were a little disappointed at the lack of honesty we found. When we went to get off of the snorkeling boat we were informed it would be an extra $30 to be dropped off by the port like we were promised. When we refused to pay, another dock was found that cost $12.  In addition, my sister purchased two bottles of Mexican vanilla, and the merchant gave her one bottle of real vanilla, and the other fake. My dad’s way of looking at it is that we still paid less for the boat trip than if we went with the ship, and fake vanilla in the states would be more than my sister paid in Cozumel.
Family picture in the port area.  We took this using the remote, and as we were taking it someone we knew from the ship offered to take our picture.   I’m not sure what they thought we wanted a picture of, but apparently not our family. 
Ky was amazing on the cruise.  We wore him pretty much everywhere and he loved seeing new places ever day. He was just as happy as could be!

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Katy said...

Thank you for sharing! I can't believe how big the boats are!! What a fun family trip!

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