Monday, April 30, 2012

Lake Eola day

I love simple family events, like our picnic and walk at Lake Eola.  It was an easy cheap afternoon, but the time together as a family enjoying our beautiful Orlando weather was priceless!
Lake Eola dayatparlk-15.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-13.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-11.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-10.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-9.jpg
drumer Ky.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-18.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-8.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-7.jpg
Lake Eola dayatparlk-6.jpg
Some of my favorite scenic photos were taken a few years ago at the same location. 
Lake Eola dayatparlk-5.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-4.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-3.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk-2.jpgLake Eola dayatparlk.jpg
Lake Eola dayatparlk-16.jpg

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Don’t Tell Dylan, but I Kissed Elvis!

There was a show on the cruise ship with some famous historical entertainers.  I thought Elvis was fantastic, so I kissed him at the end of the show.  Fortunately Dylan was not around during this time….


I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that Dylan auditioned and preformed on the cruise ship as Elvis.


He sings, acts and dances.  Oh, and he also keeps the house clean and changes diapers.  I can just imagine Elvis changing a diaper. :-) 

Saturday, April 28, 2012


We met Kyton’s baby friend at a park yesterday, and she had a balloon with her.
ky balloon-2.jpgky balloon-3.jpg
Both babies had a great time playing with the balloon and crawling around.  
ky balloon-4.jpgky balloon-5.jpg
Can you see his dirty hands? He had a great time, but went straight into the bath as soon as we go home.
ky balloon-6.jpgky balloon-7.jpg
  I’m pretty sure that is the dirtiest that Ky has ever been.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mahogany Bay on the island of Roatan, Honduras

One of my favorite destinations on our cruise was Roatan Honduras. Once again, we’ve been there before, and this time we decided to do the exact same thing. 

Rotan, Hondouras.jpgRotan, Hondouras-2.jpgRotan, Hondouras-3.jpgRotan, Hondouras-4.jpgRotan, Hondouras-5.jpgRotan, Hondouras-7.jpgRotan, Hondouras-9.jpg

We hired a taxi to take us here . (below)

Rotan, Hondouras-14.jpg

Half moon bay has about the best snorkeling that we’ve experienced. 

Rotan, Hondouras-15.jpg

The taxi was ours for the day so our driver and tour guide waited all day as we snorkeled.

Rotan, Hondouras-16.jpg

It was perfect since we could easily take turns watching Ky. 

Rotan, Hondouras-17.jpg

If you are visiting Honduras on a cruise, and enjoy snorkeling this is the place to visit.

Rotan, Hondouras-19.jpgRotan, Hondouras-20.jpgRotan, Hondouras-21.jpg


My sister watching Ky.
Rotan, Hondouras-22.jpgRotan, Hondouras-23.jpgRotan, Hondouras-25.jpg

The pictures below, and the gorgeous sunrise images above are from Rebecca’s camera. (my sister)

Rotan, Hondouras-13.jpg

Rotan, Hondouras-12.jpg

Rotan, Hondouras-10.jpg

Rotan, Hondouras-11.jpg

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