Monday, March 19, 2012


We made the short trip to Harmony last weekend with the intention of going to a community garage sale.  We didn’t find many treasures. but I’m thrilled with the shots we got of our sweet Kyton. 

harmony baby-9.jpgharmony baby-8.jpgharmony baby-5.jpgharmony baby-3.jpgharmony baby-6.jpgharmony baby-2.jpgharmony baby-4.jpgharmony baby.jpg

This was our first attempt at the sales.  Has anyone had luck at garage sales?


Christina said...

He is just a cutie pie. :) I'm hoping to take E out for some spring pictures soon!

Katy said...

Those are some awesome pictures! I love garage sales! I haven't seen that many signs, but when you drive around and there are a bunch of signs you know it's going to be a good day. And remember you can always offer a lower price--the worse they can say is no. :) Also check your local free paper on Saturdays. People will advertise in there for garage sales. Hope that helps!

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