Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finding the Perfect Doctor

We went to the doctor yesterday, and Ky is back down to 22.5 pounds, but is now 29 inches long. His new stats put him back on the charts at the same weight as he was at 5 months, but taller. His height and weight are both at the 90th percentile. 

feb big boy.jpg

This is our third doctor, and I think we’re going to stay.  We loved our first doctor, but when Ky wet off Dylan’s insurance we had to switch.  We tried another doc, but felt rushed. 

His new doctor does not completely see eye to eye with me, but she will respect my opinion, and let me do what I want.  When he has a stomach bug she called me right back and assured me he did not need to be seen.  She gave me advice that I decided not to listen to.  As one of my friends said I have “Doctor Google.”  I do appreciate that she shares her thoughts, but supports my alternative ideas.   
feb big boy-2.jpgfeb big boy-3.jpg

The good news is that Ky’s ears are not infected again and he’s healthy, just teething.  What do you look for in a doctor?


Karey V. said...

I actually have Ales seeing my physician since she has a family practice. I know that people feel a pediatrician is best, but my doctor is taking great care of us and because she used to be an OB she has been a wealth of information during my pregnancy and post appointments.

Trynke said...

We're still following a similar curve, looks like. Melle is now 27,5" (70cm) and has been 22 lbs (10kg) for what seems to be forever. Both were measured here at home so not super accurate, but probably near enough.
No ear infections as of yet, but he's had a few bouts of fever in the last 10 days. Not so bad it required a doctor's visit, he kept on drinking and being alert (although we've had a falling-asleep-while-eating situation too), and he cut two teeth (2 more coming through) so we knew what was going on. I really hope it's over now, so sad when these little ones are sick!
So cute on the clapping and waving, no signs (pun intended) of that here yet! How is Ky's mobility going?

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