Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby led weaning hybrid approach

I mentioned before how we were unsure of how we wanted to feed Kyton
playing Ky-3.jpg
We’ve found a nice hybrid that works for us.  Ky loves anything that we are eating, so we try to share table food when it is healthy and appropriate. 
playing Ky-4.jpg
Dylan prefers feeding him the traditional baby mush, so I keep a variety in the freezer on hand. 
playing Ky-2.jpg
I often eat a wheat bagel with cream cheese as a snack.  This has become one of Ky’s favorites.  He gnaws on the bread enough to make it soggy and eat his snack.  When he’s with me he does a lot of self feeding. playing Ky.jpg

Between the two he has a nice mix of ‘baby lead weaning’ and the traditional approach to baby food. 


Katy said...

He's so cute!!

Tea said...

We have also been doing a hybrid approach with our son. Nice to know we are not the only ones. Lovely photography btw!

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