Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Little Drummer Boy

Kyton had just woken up from a nap,  

Little Drummer boy-17.jpg

and had a fiery red Mohawk.
Little Drummer boy-15.jpgLittle Drummer boy-14.jpg
He only has hair on top. 

Little Drummer boy-13.jpgLittle Drummer boy-12.jpg

These were taken at the same time as the photo shoot with daddy.

Little Drummer boy-18.jpg

I  LOVE that sweet smile when he laughs!

Little Drummer boy-11.jpgLittle Drummer boy-10.jpgLittle Drummer boy-9.jpg

I’m generally bad about printing pictures, but these are too cute not to print!

Little Drummer boy-7.jpgLittle Drummer boy-6.jpg

We still have not heard back from his modeling gig on when the pictures will be in print.  The last we knew they were editing the images, but these things take time!

Little Drummer boy-5.jpgValentine's day 2012-3.jpg

We did hear that they were very happy with Kyton, and the agency is keeping us in mind for future baby gigs.  Apparently baby modeling gigs are rare since babies are not the easiest to work with. 

Little Drummer boy-4.jpg

Little Drummer boy-3.jpg

It’s been a crazy week at work.  Meeting every day during my planning time, progress reports, fidelity check, and the list goes on. I’ve been especially behind with Kyton being sick.  He wants to be held ALL evening long, and is not happy being down. I’m talking about from 4 to 10 with no nap.  Dylan was kind enough to come to school yesterday and help me get caught up by grading papers, and updating my bulletin boards. 

Little Drummer boy-2.jpg

Little Drummer boy.jpg

I’ve talked before about our sleep issues, and how some days he’s fine.  Other days he is awake all night. Now that he is over the teething, and ear infection, it seems that he may be back to sleeping all night. The one strange thing is that when I walk toward his bed at night he screams before I can even lay him in bed.  (We used to just lay him down, kiss him goodnight, and walk away.)  He still goes down easy during the day, but not at night.  I’ve been rocking him to sleep recently.  We are thinking that he may remember the ear pain and associate it with laying in his crib at night.  As long as he sleeps all night I’m happy to rock him to sleep. 

Valentine's day 2012-2.jpgValentine's day 2012.jpg

Happy Thursday… Almost Friday!

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Tranae said...

He is so cute. Such a happy baby. Congrats.


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