Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leaving my little man

sunday church-6.jpg

We’ve been up since 5am!  Ky decided that he was no longer tired and wanted to play. 

sunday church-7.jpg

I threw a  bunch of toys in the playpen in our room, and half slept while he noisily played and chatted. 

sunday church-3.jpg

Now we are watching church online. I love that we can stay at home and attend our church. If we went to church we’d end up in the family room, or nursing room anyway. 

sunday church-5.jpg

I’m leaving Kyton with a friend today so that I can go see my talented husband in My Fair Lady.   I’m nervous since he does not take a bottle anymore.  When we scheduled this over a month ago I assured her that Ky now easily takes a bottle.  I have a few tubs of his favorite solids that should tide him over. 

sunday church-2.jpgsunday church-4.jpg

This will be the third time that I left him with non-family, the sixth altogether.  My friend is great with babies, has two teenagers, and Kyton loves her.  I’m still a nervous mom, and can list 100 reasons I’m worried.

sunday church.jpg

I am super excited for the opportunity to see my husband use his talents, and the rare time that I am not responsible for any children.  What you are doing today?


Dina said...

Oh man! I took my little guy with me to go get my hair done and then I got the chance to shoot a newborn. He was born yesterday it was so much fun. He was such a cutie.

I have only left my son alone with my in laws once and I cried the whole way to dinner. I'm horrible, but it has gotten easier since he has been at day care. But not for much longer, I'm finally going to get to be a stay at home mom.

Mondays with Mac said...

It's always so hard to leave them even when they are in good hands. How did it go?

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