Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  We had planned on a cute heart themed photo shoot over the weekend, but Kyton had his first  ear infection instead.  These were taken this afternoon.

Valentine's day 2012-4.jpg

One of my friends from work gave me a rose…. which Kyton wanted to eat. 

Valentine's day 2012.jpgValentine's day 2012-3.jpgValentine's day 2012.jpgValentine's day 2012-2.jpg

He loved playing in the grass!

Valentine's day 2012-5.jpgValentine's day 2012-6.jpgValentine's day 2012-7.jpgValentine's day 2012-8.jpgValentine's day 2012-9.jpgValentine's day 2012-10.jpg

He also loved picking grass and making a mess. 
Valentine's day 2012.jpg

We wanted to take him to the park,and let him swing.  Unfortunately the park has sand… neither of us wanted to risk getting sand in our shoes to put Kyton in the swing.  Another day little boy. 
Valentine's day 2012-12.jpg


momto8 said...

you must just love him!! great pictures!

Carolyn Ford said...

what delightful images of true happiness! enjoy every second of every minute, Carly!

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