Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Dylan

Today Dylan is 29 years old.  I wrote this reflecting on the amazing changes I've seen in Dylan as he's been at home with Kyton while I work, but also how our family has adapted.
Right before I went back to work I wrote about how hard it was to leave my baby, and about our plans for our family.  At that point in time, if there was any way that I could have quit my job, and stayed home with Kyton, I would have.  I'm pretty sure that every mom in the world has the same feeling before going back to work.  The first day was hard, the second day was slightly easier, but still hard.  After about two weeks things became easier... mostly because of Dylan.
Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-4.jpgKyton - Jan& Feb pics.jpgKyton - Jan& Feb pics-5.jpg
I’ve realized how great I have it.  I’m out of the house for 8 hours a day, and see my husband and boys for 30 minutes in the middle of the day.  When I kiss my baby goodbye the the morning, I know that it will only be 3 hours until I see him again.  After lunch it is 3.5 hours until I see him again.  I see him for 1.5 hours in the morning before work.  After work we spend 6 hours together.  (Recently he has been skipping the evening nap.)    With only one income our budget is beyond tight, but to be honest, I sort of like the challenge of trying to make it work.  I get to do a job that I love, and I know that my boy has the best care!
Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-16.jpg
I am so fortunate that Dylan brings Kyton to me every day so that we can nurse.  I would not have been able to continue nursing without this visit.  (Especially since I don’t get time to pump.)
Oh so sily-4.jpg
I’m not at all a morning person, but Dylan makes it so much easier.  He gets Kyton up, changes him, and brings him to me.  While I pump and nurse, Dylan makes my breakfast, hot tea, fills my water, and packs my pump bag.  This is such a huge help in getting out the door in the morning.
Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-10.jpg
I say goodbye to my sweet happy boy, and leave my boys at home.  I can’t even imagine how hard it is for moms that have to get their kids out the door and ready for daycare.  Dylan is so organized, and loves to-do lists.  He gets so much done during the day.  I come home to a clean tidy house, and a happy boy.  He’s always open to suggestion, and asks what he should do to help Kyton.  He’ll work on having Ky sit up, do tummy time or anything I suggest.
Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-4.jpgKyton - Jan& Feb pics-5.jpg
Dylan has a lead role in a musical that opens in a few weeks, and Kyton loves watching him practice his lines and sing.  They have music time that includes keyboard, singing and Ky’s favorite, the drums.  Dylan’s workout routine is great entertainment for our little boy. 
Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-15.jpg
Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-14.jpg
The best part is that he loves our boy just as much as I do.  (Which is a whole lot!)
 Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-11.jpg
I am so proud of Dylan for the great job that he does with our son.  He is a fantastic father!  We’re so blessed that God has given us this time for Kyton and Dylan to bond, but I’m going to be honest and say that we both still struggle with our roles at times.   There are many days Dylan wishes that he was at work having a greater influence, and there are many days that I wish I was home with my baby.  But we have learned to enjoy our current roles and appreciate what we've got.

Happy Birthday Dylan!!


The Riggs Family said...

Happy birthday, Dylan! I so, so, SO identify with your post. Most days I just thank God that I know my kids are in excellent care. Eric's brought them in for lunch before. He keeps a tidy house too but his focus is always to be with the kids first. But there are some days (the days where a parent chews me out for something dumb, or the days when my students are less than enthusiastic about the subject matter, or when the lunch room gossip is unbearable) where I do wish our roles were reversed.

Katy said...

Happy Birthday Dylan!

J-ROK said...

Wow! What a happy and joyful post for my morning read! Dylan is simply amazing. It's refreshing to hear about a mom who LOVES her job and a hubby who is such a fabulous PARTNER!

momto8 said...

this is what our life was like with our first 2 husband was the main caregiver and I was the bread winner...worked for us!!

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