Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drumming with Daddy

Playing drums is, and always has been, one of the best ways to entertain and calm our boy. 

Little Drummer boy-27.jpgLittle Drummer boy-19.jpg

I think that the kids was born to be a drummer.  
Little Drummer boy-25.jpgLittle Drummer boy-24.jpg

Dylan is now a professional drummer, so hearing a strong beat is a normal part of Kyton’s day.

Little Drummer boy-21.jpg

For Christmas our family gave Kyton rock star clothes. 

Little Drummer boy-23.jpgLittle Drummer boy-20.jpg

Ky pretty much loves hitting anything, but drums are the best.  He actually had a piano, and set of 5 hand drums and a cow bell in his room.  Softly playing drums is one way that Dylan calms Ky before a nap.

Little Drummer boy-22.jpg 

Happy Wednesday!


Pat Tillett said...

Hi Carly! Those are great photos! Just wait until he REALLY starts pounding on them things!

Marlene said...

Like father like son. Drums make an upbeat life - happy and gay. Kyton will surely like his father.

Rebecca said...

You may be onto something for babies! I bet it is loads of fun for him.

Mondays with Mac said...

Those pictures are so precious!!

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