Friday, February 3, 2012

Crazy Hair

I found these pictures the other day on my camera that Dylan had taken during the day.

Oh so sily-2.jpgOh so sily.jpg
He woke up with this crazy hair, and honestly I love it!

Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-17.jpg
I love this sweet boy!

Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-12.jpg
He’s sitting up on his own now,but we are too nervous to let him sit without pillows around him. 


Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-18.jpg
This was my boy sleeping with his leg up.


Dina said...

LOL I love that shot with his foot in the air! Babies do such strange things! My son likes to touch my face when he is nursing. He still sleeps with his hands in little fists.

Christina said...

LOVE his wild hair! :) We also keep the boppy pillow around Ethan, just in case!

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