Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catch 22

Just after he turned 5 months old we weighed Kyton and discovered that he weighed 22 pounds. Dylan is so clever and decided to ‘Catch’ our little big 22 pound boy!*

 Catch 22-29Catch 22

He is off the charts, and I’ve come to realize that this is actually a good thing.

Catch 22-30Catch 22-28

The research, lactation consultants and my supportive friends remind me that since he is entirely breast fed, and eats on demand he’s supposed to gain quite a bit of weight in the first 6 months.  His doctor said that he is getting longer and heavier at the same rate so there is no reason to worry.

Catch 22-9Catch 22-20

I know I sound wimpy, but I actually feel more pregnant carrying Kyton in the front pack then I did with my 3 pound pregnancy weight gain. 

 Catch 22-26 Catch 22-18

Since November Kyton has increased from 22 to 23 pounds.  Now that he is moving more he has actually lost weight.

Catch 22-19Catch 22-16

I love seeing them together!

Catch 22-17Catch 22-8

Over the last week Kyton has decided that he no longer needs his afternoon bottle.  This means no more pumping for me!    He also has decided that he will no longer drink from a bottle.  I’m not too happy with this since he cluster eats every hour all evening.  If I need to be away from him, we may have a problem.

Catch 22-11Catch 22-5   

*No actual babies were thrown during the catch 22 photo shoot.  Kyton never left Dylan’s hands, and was slowly raised into the air and lowered. 

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