Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Solid Food

Just recently we started Kyton on solid food. He’s been a casual solid food eater for a little while now, but now it’s regular.  Everyone has a different idea on when to start, and what foods to feed, how, and in what order.  To be completely honest, we are still figuring out what works for us. 
Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-3.jpgKyton - Jan& Feb pics-2.jpg
At first I wanted to go with the ‘whole food, self feeding method.’  Basically you give the baby large chunks of the food that you are eating.  The idea is that the baby can self feed, and eat as much of as little as they would like.  They can also select the foods that appeal to them. 
Oh so sily.jpgOh so sily-2.jpg
In theory this sounded great, but not in practice.  I gave him chunks of apples and carrot.  The problem was that he would gnaw off a hunk, then cough and gag on the piece of food.  I was a nervous mom, and couldn’t do it anymore. 
Oh so sily-3.jpgOh so sily-7.jpg

So we switched gears completely to the traditional pureed baby mush. 
Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-13.jpg
Baby mush works fine, except that Kyton gets really really upset when we have food, and he does not have the same food.  If you can’t tell by his size our kid LOVES food! I talked to a friend who does the whole food method.  She assured me that it is normal to gag every now and then.  When we sit down to eat dinner, Kyton wants what we are eating. 
Oh so sily-5.jpg
Two nights ago I gave him a piece of asparagus. (Asparagus was our dinner.)  He ate it, and did great.  We broke it up a little bit into bite sized pieces, that he could easily swallow.  He self fed, and begged for more.  Last night he self fed pieces of butternut squash and pears. 
Kyton - Jan& Feb pics.jpgKyton - Jan& Feb pics-14.jpg
After hearing from other moms on the many uses of the mesh feeder, we used it this evening with butternut squash. 
Oh so sily-8.jpg
I think that we are sort of doing a hybrid of chunks and baby mush… really we are still figuring out what works for us. 
Kyton - Jan& Feb pics-15.jpg 
What are your thoughts on baby food?  What works (worked) for you?


Katy said...

These are some of the best pictures because it all so new! Be sure to have the camera ready when you give him a lemon! ;)

Carly, I passed on the Liebster Blog Award so be sure to stop by my blog to see! :)

Mondays with Mac said...

great pictures! who knew feeding a child could be so much fun?!

Taylor said...

Oh goodness, he has grown upso much since I last stopped by! What a goreous boy!!

Taylor and Mason both liked the pureed food so I stuck with what they liked and it was easier LOL.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

It's been awhile, but that's pretty much what I did. Found chunks of real food that would keep baby occupied while we ate and then Bfed and gave mashed for for the read "bulk" of what he/she ate.

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