Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Playing with grandma

I’ll admit, I have a problem.  I take a ton of pictures, and I love them all.  I am always a little relieved that  my clients are the ones that ultimately have to decide what to order, because it’s so hard to choose.  Yesterday I posted one image from my mom reading to Kyton, but only because that was the rules.  Here are the rest of the images.  I especially love the light, and how the book acts as a reflector illuminating Kyton’s face.

Kyton beach photo shoot-2.jpgKyton beach photo shoot-3.jpg
Kyton beach photo shoot-4.jpgKyton beach photo shoot-5.jpgKyton beach photo shoot-6.jpgKyton beach photo shoot-7.jpg

Kyton beach photo shoot-9.jpg
Kyton beach photo shoot.jpg


Dina said...

I love how much he is enjoying the book being read to him!!

Katy said...

These pictures are so awesome! I love capturing reading! What a great bond :)

momto8 said...

they both are soo fortunate to have each other...lucky you to have them both in your life!!

Anna said...

so beautiful! his expressions are PRICELESS! i love how big his eyes get in the 5th and 6th ones! love! and i agree, i love how the book is lighting his sweet face!

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