Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kyton’s a workin’ man

Kyton has a huge first today.  One that not many babies can claim at 7 months old. He put in his first day of work, well more like his first hour.  Kyton is well on his way to stardom as a model.  He was fantastic.  It was not an easy shoot, and the conditions were less than ideal for a 7 month old baby, but our boy rocked it.  He actually was only photographed for 15 minutes, and we were done.  I guess all that practice in front of the camera paid off!

After the shoot we took a few pictures since it was Kyton’s first time at the beach.   (These pictures are ours from after the shoot.)

Kyton beach photo shoot-3.jpgKyton beach photo shoot-2.jpgKyton beach photo shoot.jpg


The Riggs Family said...

How fun! Should I be looking for his cute little face somewhere in the future (besides here)?

Missy | Literal Mom said...

Awesome! Glad it worked out so great! Where is he going to appear?

momto8 said...

he is a natural!!
He really is cute!

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