Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bath Boy

While I was rinsing Kyton’s diapers the other day,

jAN 2012-23.jpg

I set him in the tub.
jAN 2012-22.jpgjAN 2012-31.jpg

He loves his bath, and enjoyed the freedom to kick.  

jAN 2012-25.jpgjAN 2012-24.jpgjAN 2012-26.jpg

He’s getting too big for the tub, but he’s not quite ready to completely sit up alone. 

jAN 2012-27.jpg
He finally has hair now and I love that is is red!

jAN 2012-28.jpg

Dylan says that it looks like an orange flame on top of his head. 

jAN 2012-30.jpg

His personality has really emerged in the past few weeks.  jAN 2012-29.jpg

We are so blessed!!

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momto8 said...

I just have to smile back!

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