Tuesday, January 17, 2012

6 Month Birthday

I know it’s a month late, but with our travels we were out of town for a while, but here are pictures from Ky’s 6 month birthday. 

We started off cuddling in together in bed as a family of three.  Kyton is always extremely happy in the mornings, and loves smiling.  On mornings that I have to get up for work, getting out of bed and leaving Kyton is the hardest part. 

jAN 2012.jpg

How can I leave this sweet smile?

jAN 2012-2.jpgjAN 2012-4.jpg

Since Ky’s 6 month birthday was on a Sunday we were to church.  Kyton took a nap in Rebecca’s arms. 

jAN 2012-5.jpgjAN 2012-6.jpg 

My parents have the best sushi restaurant by their house.  The great part of being around family is that there is always someone to hold Kyton while we eat. 

jAN 2012.jpgjAN 2012-7.jpg

In his borrowed big boy car seat. 

jAN 2012-2.jpg

We spent the evening making candy with family, and playing with Kyton.

jAN 2012-3.jpg

Tomorrow my boy will be 7 months old, and I know it’s not’s a big age, but for some reason to me it’s a big deal. 


Carolyn Ford said...

Happy birthday to baby Kyton! Seven months...can't believe the time has flown by so fast! What a cutie he is...enjoy every moment of his babyhood!

Mondays with Mac said...

Your first picture is beautiful. It really captures some of the magic of chill time with a baby.

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