Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tummy Time

I look at these pictures of my strong boy,

Nov 2011-2.jpg

and it’s hard to remember

Nov 2011-4.jpg

the days where tummy time was a struggle

Nov 2011-7.jpg

that often ended in tears.

  Nov 2011-3.jpg

These days he can lift his head super high

Nov 2011.jpg

and loves playing on the ground  

Nov 2011-5.jpg

using the quilt made for him by my Aunt Gail

Nov 2011-6.jpg

to match his orange hair.

Nov 2011-8.jpg

He rolls onto his tummy all the time.

Nov 2011-9.jpg

I almost wish that he’d slow down a little,

Nov 2011-12.jpg

and stay my baby for longer. 

Nov 2011-10.jpg

Oh my sweet,

Nov 2011-11.jpg

little boy!

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