Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa Baby

Kyton met Santa this evening during Christmas night at my school.  They were selling pictures as a fundraiser, and we paid for the picture, but they also let me take a few with my camera too! 

We walked up and Santa says to my husband, “Dylan, do you remember me?”

I’m sure Dylan is thinking "yeah, you brought me toys and left them under the tree all those years.”

As it turns out ‘Santa’ was an actor in a play with Dylan at the local theater.

I bet you didn’t know that during his off time Santa heads to Orlando to act.     


Here are only a few of the pictures I took of Santa and Kyton.  I never try and force him to smile, and this was no exception. He did this on his own! 

 Santa baby-3
Santa baby-7 Santa baby-6   
   Santa baby-4

He was such a great baby all night and went to bed easily afterward this evening.  One of my teacher friends wondered if he was used to the sound of all the students from when I was pregnant.  He took a little nap in the carrier, but was happy and smiling at everyone the rest of the evening.

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