Monday, December 12, 2011

If our babies could talk..

We went to a party with some of Kyton’s baby friends over the weekend. I took a few photos of the babies and thought they needed some dialogue.
Kyton (plaid shirt) and R (stripes) were hanging out on the floor.
if babies could talk 
K: You have teeth?  I don’t yet.  Can I feel yours? 
 if babies could talk-2
R: Your hair is so silky smooth and orange, what shampoo do you use?  
K: I need my nails clipped, want to help me out? 
A(Gray sweater)  and R (white with bows) were practicing standing.
if babies could talk-19 
if babies could talk-17
(I don’t think this one needs words)
if babies could talk-16
R: Look dad, I’m pushing away the boys like you told me to do.
if babies could talk-20
R: Let’s not tell our mom’s about this one, ok?
if babies could talk-11 
L: My mom said that I get to eat solids.  Do fingers count?

Kyton and A were playing near the jumper.
if babies could talk-9
Kyton: You look almost like the baby in the mirror that follows me around.  Are you my twin?
 if babies could talk-8  
A: The boys need to stick together. Give me five man!
if babies could talk-10
This was an attempt to get a group shot of some of the babies… look whose kid is crying.

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