Friday, December 23, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

Getting together with my family, and  keeping our tradition of one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  We don’t actually own a Christmas tree, so we helped my parents decorate their tree. 

Kyton laid on the ground giggling as Rich stepped over him to hand ornaments. 
Christmas tree decorating-8

Sharon and I were the photographers. 
Christmas tree decorating-10 Christmas tree decorating-6

My dad supervised.
Christmas tree decorating-4

Rebecca unpacked the ornaments.
Christmas tree decorating-9Christmas tree decorating-7

My sisters boyfriend, Rich hung the ornaments, which was pretty much most of the work.  I guess that’s family initiation.  Our family really likes Rich.  I mean who wouldn’t like a guy that does all the work and doesn't complain?

Christmas tree decorating-5
What traditions do you look forward to at Christmas?

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Pat Tillett said...

Hi Carly! I'm betting there is going to be a ton of photos taken this Christmas! I really like seeing our grandkids all excited. It remeinds me of their parents when they were little. You'll have that coming up in twenty years or so. I know your Christmas is going to be a great one! Enjoy yourselves...

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