Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Vacation

We spent the last week up north with our family for the holiday. My hard drive containing all of my pictures crashed, but here are a few images taken after the crash.  I do have some of my favorite photos backed up, but not all.  I am hoping that the data can be saved. 

Believe it or not this is my dad smiling and excited about Kyton.

family ohio  

My mom loves babies, and grabs a hug and kiss every chance she gets!
family ohio-7 family ohio-5 family ohio-4 

Ky is at that baby stage where his mouth hurts and he likes chewing on anything he can, including fingers.  He also loves touching anything he can.  My sister let him put his hand in her mouth while she put her hand in his mouth. Silly baby, silly aunt.  Remember when we did the now and then photos?  Rebecca mention that this would make a funny now and then when Kyton is about 15 years old! 

family ohio-2


Katy said...

I hope that you can get your photos back! I can't even imagine!! We use a service called Mozy that backs up our main computer like twice a day if there are new files. It's pretty reasonable. That doen't help now...but maybe in the future!

Glad ya'll had a good time! :)

Pat Tillett said...

wow! Those are amazing! you have really found a niche with your photography...
What a nice happy baby Kyton is!

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