Friday, November 4, 2011

Kyton’s first visit to Disney World

The weather is beautiful here, finally!  We took the opportunity to meet some of Kyton’s baby friends at Epcot for the food and wine festival. This was Kyton’s first visit to Disney, assuming the visits while pregnant don’t count.  Dylan was not able to make it due to a conflict with the Steelers game.  He was also drumming and would have been late.
Epcot (15 of 17) Epcot (11 of 17) Epcot (12 of 17)

Epcot (10 of 17)

With 5 strollers, 5 babies, 5 mommy’s and 3 daddy’s we didn’t make it anywhere quickly.
Epcot (9 of 17) Epcot (4 of 17)
Epcot (8 of 17) Epcot (7 of 17) Epcot (5 of 17)
I thought this was cute, the pics are of the screen, but they took a picture of our babies on our laps, and make them into astronauts. On the Space Ship Earth ride, they took a picture with flash, hence the funny baby expressions.  I almost never use flash with Kyton.
Epcot (3 of 17) Epcot (2 of 17)
By the end of the day my little man was exhausted, and fell asleep by the time we reached the car.Epcot (16 of 17) Epcot (17 of 17)
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Dina said...

OH my gosh so cute! I can't wait to take my little boy there someday! It might be Disneyland though cause we are only 8 hours from there.

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