Sunday, November 6, 2011



On Friday we celebrated 3 of our friend’s birthdays along with 28 friends at Kobe.  If you are not familiar with the restaurant, they cook Japanese food in front of you.  We thought it would be fun for Kyton since it is entertaining.  

Kobe (4 of 8)Kobe (5 of 8) 
The picture below is Kyton sitting in a high chair watching the chef light onions on fire.  He’s not sure about the whole thing.  Kobe (6 of 8)

About halfway through the cooking of the meal Kyton decided it was too noisy for him.  As soon as we left the table and went outside he was fine, but once we returned he was upset again.  We took turns, along with a friend eating and giving Kyton a break. 

 Kobe (3 of 8) Kobe (2 of 8)

I’ve seen parents that had to miss events to care for their fussy child, and I remember thinking how bad I felt for the parent.  The thing is when it’s my own kid, I don’t mind.  Making him happy and spending time with him is worth missing a little bit of a meal with friends.

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Pat Tillett said...

Yum! I Love Japanese food! That's a good thing because my wife is Japanese and we eat it all the time...

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