Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kyton’s First Camping Trip

I looked at the forecast for the weekend and knew we had to do it, we had to take our baby on his first camping trip.  The temps were 85ish during the day, and a pleasant 65ish at night.  Welcome to Florida fall weather!

I think it’s genetic from my side, but Kyton loves being outside.  When he gets fussy at home a quick trip to the mail box settles him right down.  We regularly walk 5.5 miles and he is content the majority of the time.  He LOVED camping.  He’s an outdoor kid! 

He supervised
  baby's first camping trip-3baby's first camping trip-4

as we set up camp.

baby's first camping trip-2baby's first camping trip-5

baby's first camping trip

chilled on a blanket,
baby's first camping trip-6baby's first camping trip-31

as daddy cooked dinner,
baby's first camping trip-26

and smiled at the trees, sky and birds.

baby's first camping trip-11baby's first camping trip-10baby's first camping trip-9

He slept on a bed made of a sleeping bag and blanket next to us in the tent. 
baby's first camping trip-8
Early in the morning, after he had kicked off his covers it was a little too cold, so he joined mommy and daddy to warm up.
baby's first camping trip-19baby's first camping trip-17
baby's first camping trip-16baby's first camping trip-15

He’s such a happy guy in the mornings.   
baby's first camping trip-22baby's first camping trip-18baby's first camping trip-21

We took a walk in the dark and came across this beautiful lake, which at the time seemed perfect for swimming. 

baby's first camping trip-39baby's first camping trip-37
The next morning, daylight revealed it was slightly less than perfect for a dip. 
baby's first camping trip-40
baby's first camping trip-36 baby's first camping trip-42

Lake Louisa did have a beach and swimming area, but we did no partake. 
baby's first camping trip-43baby's first camping trip-45

Instead, we went for a hike. 
baby's first camping trip-50baby's first camping trip-44

Since I’m pretty sure my baby is the cutest kid ever, here are a few more pictures of my boy enjoying the great outdoors. 

 baby's first camping trip-30 baby's first camping trip-27

  baby's first camping trip-13baby's first camping trip-23
(Is it ok to take a picture of my boy on a pink towel?)
baby's first camping trip-12

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Anna said...

I am seriously impressed...forgotten gear & all! Looks like everyone had fun & i love the pictures!

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