Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kyton’s First Camping Trip = Daddy’s Worst Camping Trip

It’s so easy to write a wonderful post about how fabulous camping was, and most mommy blogs sugar coat real life.  Here’s the real deal… camping was fun, but there were some difficult moments!  Dylan had to take one of our cars to the dealer for a recall, so I packed all of our gear, food and clothing.  I’m not sure if it really exists, but I’m blaming baby brain on my forgetting a few essential items. 
baby's first camping trip baby's first camping trip-7
As we were setting up our tent my husband commented
D:“Oh, this site does not have a lantern pole.  Where will we hang the lantern?” 
C:“Honey, that won’t be a problem since I didn’t bring the lantern.”
D; “Oh, you just brought flashlights?”
C: “No, I forgot those too, but I brought my ipod.  We can use that for light.”
D: “Um, your battery is dead.”
We weren’t at a KOA where there are street lights, and stores nearby.  We were in the middle of the orange grove woods, and considering that we had a 3 month old baby with us, the ranger helped us choose a site that was far away from all of the other campers, and hence their light.
baby's first camping trip-14
At 5:30 AM we realized something else that I forgot, only I didn’t forget it, I didn’t think it was necessary…but my husband did.  We generally use cloth diapers on our baby, but given that we were camping we used disposables. I am in the process of training my husband that disposables go in the trash,and that it is not necessary to haul these home.  Apparently he thought I should have brought along the wet bag to keep the diapers in.  He was not happy with the Wal-Mart bag trashcan I had decided on.
baby's first camping trip-20
Let me take a moment to redeem my husband a little bit here.  He did all of the cooking on the camp stove, and washed all of the dishes with biodegradable camp soap.  Oh, and all without cooking oil which I also forgot.   By the the time we were sitting down to a breakfast of portobello dill omelets and pancakes, he didn’t even seem surprised when I informed him I had forgotten the pancake syrup.  At that point in time I guess syrup was the last of his concerns.   
baby's first camping trip-24baby's first camping trip-28baby's first camping trip-25baby's first camping trip-26
I’ve decided that for the next camping trip I’m not packing!!
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Jenny said...

too funny! mommy brain can be the culprit..i always hate packing because there is something that i always forget, that happens to be essential!

Lizbeth said...

And it still looked like fun! I'm glad you survived...I'm not sure I would have. hehe

Shell said...

Camping with a 3 month old? I give you serious credit for that!!!

SH -ic said...

lovely to know that are more campers around the world.

Carolyn Ford said...

too cute! love it!

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