Monday, October 10, 2011

Finding out that we are pregnant

I wrote this post a year ago as the events took place so that I would not forget. 

10/1/10 – purchased tests
10/2/10 – took first pregnancy test – negative
10/3/10 – took another, can you tell I was a little excited? negative
10/8/10 – took a test – negative.  Feeling pregnant tonight as we went to see the Florida leaves fall in Celebration. 
finding out we were pregnant (1 of 1)-2
10/9/10 – First test that had a super faint line.  After a little bit of internet research, I am not completely sure that we are pregnant, but think we are.
* I later found out that if the line on the pregnancy test is even the slightest bit colored, you are pregnant.  The test reacts with the hormones caused by the pregnancy, so a faint line means that you are newly pregnant, and the hormones are not too strong yet.*
10/9/10 – took another that afternoon, the regular type, not the 6 days sooner type, negative
10/10/10 – second test that had a slightly darker, but still faint line.  I am 100% convinced that I am pregnant.Dylan is 80% convinced.
finding out we were pregnant (8 of 8)
10/11/10 – not feeling too great today, went out to dinner with friends, worried I won’t be able to keep this a secret for 6  more weeks. My friends kept asking if I was ok and saying I looked really tired.  I am!
finding out we were pregnant (1 of 1)
10/13/10 – went out and purchased more tests, took one that evening.  It had a faint line. This is that 3rd faint line that we’ve seen.  Dylan still is not ready to celebrate.  I try to convince him to pee on the other test to see what a negative looks like.  He wants me to wait till Sunday to take another test. 
finding out we were pregnant (5 of 8)
10/17/10 – Dylan is finally 100% convinced that we are pregnant after a test comes back with a really dark line quickly.
finding out we were pregnant (3 of 8)finding out we were pregnant (2 of 8)finding out we were pregnant (1 of 8)finding out we were pregnant (4 of 8)finding out we were pregnant (7 of 8)
In 2 weeks I took 9 tests! 4 of them had at least a faint line, which means pregnant!  I knew that we were pregnant on 10/10/10.  Dylan knew on 10/17/10.  Now we have to try to keep this a secret for 5 more weeks until our parents are both in town and the pregnancy has a greater chance of success.  

We could not have hoped for better timing.  He was born on the exact time and date I had wished for.  We wanted him to arrive at the beginning of the summer since summer break does not count as part of my maternity leave.
I wanted him to wait for school to end for the summer, I wanted a little time to relax, but not too much.  I had him 1 week after school ended for the summer.  Perfect timing!
My other wish was for him to be born Friday night/ Saturday morning so that Dylan could work a full week, but would have 2 weekends home with us.  On the weekend he was born Dylan came home from work, we went shopping and to a show that evening, and got home around 11 PM.  By 4am Saturday morning we were holding our baby boy.
It's great when God's plan and my plan are the same!

Now a year later we are looking at this…
 finding out we were pregnant (1 of 1)-4
We are SO blessed!


Melissa G said...

What a great story! And what a precious little man!

4 Weeks Pregnant said...

Awesome Images Carly.. baby looking very cute.. I like your story.

9 Weeks Pregnant said...

Nice Story! your baby is soo cute...

6 weeks pregnant said...

Many congrats, loved reading your story and look forward to following along!

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