Friday, October 7, 2011

Bird watching

I wrote this about a year ago, but never published.  I thought it was appropriate for Photo Friday today
Before I purchased my camera  I would visit state parks and see these guys with huge cameras taking pictures of birds.  I always sort of thought that was a little boring.   I never would have guessed that I would make Dylan drive along the bird watching trail, and take pictures. 

Sanibel p. 4-5Sanibel p. 4-7  
We went on a bird drive, that had places to get out and walk
 Sanibel p. 4-1Sanibel p. 4-4Sanibel p. 4-8
It may look nice, but it was extremely hot!
Sanibel p. 4-10Sanibel p. 4-12 
The guide told us to look for banana spiders, and we found one.  I sort of thought that it was neat.  Dylan cringed as he took this picture. 
Sanibel p. 4-14 Sanibel p. 4-15 
Sanibel p. 4-18 Sanibel p. 4-19
Sanibel p. 4-21Sanibel p. 4-20 Sanibel p. 4-22

Sanibel p. 4-23Sanibel p. 4-24Sanibel p. 4-25Sanibel p. 4-34
I know that there are power lines in this pictures, but I think it is beautiful with the lines and reflection.  Sanibel p. 4-26
Dylan has been trying to take more pictures of me lately… not sure how I feel about this.
Sanibel p. 4-29 Sanibel p. 4-27 Sanibel p. 4-30
I think that this guy was trying to defend himself from us. 
Sanibel p. 4-31Sanibel p. 4-35 
Sanibel p. 4-36 Sanibel p. 4-38Sanibel p. 4-37

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