Friday, September 23, 2011

Yoga baby

This week Dylan’s back was hurting him a little.  I thought that this would be a good time to mention that my husband who works out and lifts weights has asked me numerous times how I can carry around our 17 pound boy all day long and not be in excruciating pain.  Apparently carrying our boy is a contributing factor to his back pain.
Dylan agreed to try a yoga video on Netflix streaming.  According to him it is ok for a straight man to do yoga under the following conditions.  1) the video must include a somewhat straight looking man.  2) straight looking man must have body hair in the normal places such as armpits.  3) you must be wearing longer shorts than the man in the DVD.  The most important rule 4) The instructor must be wearing more than a white bikini bottom.  Netflix used to have a yoga video that did not meet this criteria.  Apparently it has since been removed. I was going to try and find a picture of the cover to include, but I could not figure out a search term to use that did not yield disturbing results.
Since the Yoga mat was out Kyton tried a little bit of yoga himself. 
Yoga baby (1 of 5) Yoga baby (3 of 5) Yoga baby (5 of 5)
I love his little hand.
Yoga baby (4 of 5) Yoga baby (2 of 5)
He pretty much hates tummy time.  I feel so bad for making him continue when he’s so clearly unhappy, but I also feel equally bad about not doing tummy time.  Any suggestions for tummy time?


Tanya said...

I love your site! You just got yourself a new fan. Following you via GFC. Playing Blog hop tag, YOU'RE IT! Tag me back at: and on facebook

Christina said...

It's funny how both of our three month old boys feel the same way about tummy time! I place E on his tummy as often as I lay him down, but he doesn't last more than a couple of minutes, sometimes less! They will be pushing themselves over onto their backs in no time! Love the pictures!

Anna said...

I LoVe the last picture! Not much help on successful tummy time :( I gave up with the twins! Our playmat/jungle gym mat did help with Addie though. Getting down there with them sometimes helps too. Our ped told us doing it for 30 seconds here & a minute there was ok too. I hope your husbands back gets better! Us moms have super human backs ;) right?

tiff snedaker said...

Your photography is beautiful! That top picture is so cute, he's really concentrating on that Yoga. :)

Following from the blog hop, and would love a comment here and a follow!

Anonymous said...

From what my Bradley teacher told me, she said that even if it is just 30 seconds each day it's enough. She said I'd have to be down there with him encouraging him and motivating him to enjoy tummy time. My little guy still isn't here...two more months! But I think we'll be doing a lot of tummy time...or at least try to during my time off from work. I'm not sure how the day care will do it.

Jenny said...

too funny about the yoga! i would put a toy that he normally likes to look at lying on his back infront of him, that way it will keep his interest a little longer. tummy time is never fun until they can really keep their head up comfortably.

Marina said...

He is really cute.. And he even looks like he is enjoying his tummy time and he is saying "I can do this!" :)

Studio Mommy said...

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