Friday, September 9, 2011

Staying Cool & Enjoying the Long Weekend – Florida Aquarium

On a long weekend we usually try to get away and visit a new area of Florida.  The thing is that we’ve been pretty much everywhere.  With the little one we thought it made more sense to see what we could do close to home & inexpensively.  After a quick Google search for “free Florida teacher” our weekend was planned.   Stop #1, the Florida Aquarium.

fl aquarium (6 of 11)fl aquarium (5 of 11)
(On the recommendation of Melody we got the Boba & love it so far)
I’ve mentioned before how he does well when we take him out, but this was not the case at the aquarium.  He was having a rough day, possibly the start of a growth spurt.  He was tired & fussy, but would not nurse well, or fall asleep.   
fl aquarium (9 of 11) 
When he was calm we pushed his stroller in front of the huge salt water tank for this view…fl aquarium (11 of 11)
This was perfect for our little man since his eyesight is not fully developed.  He was able to get close to the fish, & stay in the air-conditioning. The fish & sharks were 10 times the size of Kyton, so I’m pretty sure he saw them. 
Look at those big eyes!!
fl aquarium (8 of 11) fl aquarium (7 of 11)  
I often debate on if I prefer a picture in color or black and white.  I think Dylan’s is better in color and mine in black and white. What do you think?
fl aquarium (4 of 11) fl aquarium (3 of 11)
fl aquarium (2 of 11)fl aquarium (1 of 11)

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Jade Clark said...

Oh my goodness, loving this photos of wide-eyed baby and him so close to the sharks!!! So fun!!!

Christina said...

I love visiting aquariums! I also love black and whites, but think your shots work well in color, too!

Anonymous said...

Aquariums are my favorite place in the whole world. :) Yes, I like his in color and yours in black & white. We have the Boba, too, and like it but I just wish N would use it now. She doesn't like to be front-carried since she's so big now. :) We're holding onto ours until baby #2 happens!

Jenny said...

Looks like a wonderful day with your boys!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to take my little guy to see things like that! I love how his face just lit up seeing all the fish!

Pat Tillett said...

The big photo of the aquarium came out really weel. Hard to do.

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