Thursday, September 1, 2011

Indoor Picnic

We are extremely fortunate that our church has an ‘online campus.’  We generally try to actually make it to church, but with the baby it seems I spend much of the service in the nursing room anyways.  Sometimes it makes more sense to stay home and watch online.  I know that to some this seems like it would not be the same, and honestly its not the same, but it’s still meaningful. On this particular day it was blazing hot outside, so we had an indoor picnic on the guest bed while watching the service.

Sunday Church-1 Sunday Church-5 Sunday Church-6 

Sunday Church-3 Sunday Church-4 Sunday Church-2

Dylan’s always posing, and asking me to take his picture while he hams it up for the camera.  Here he is pretend that Kyton is punching him in the face.

Sunday Church-9 Sunday Church-8 Sunday Church-7

It’s just too hot this time of year to spend much time outside, like winters up north. 

What does your family do when you are ‘stuck’ inside?


The Riggs Family said...

Cute pictures! We play lots of games, sing songs, take baths, etc. :-)

Emily said...

Adorable! We have lots of playtime, wrestle, hide n seek, and just enjoy each other's company. :)

Jenny said...

We have had some of those hot days as well...we do crafts, read books, and play lots of trains. Looks like you guys made great use of your day though!
That is really cool that your church offers an online service.

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