Monday, September 26, 2011

The first 100 days

In his first 100 days Kyton has made amazing progress that can not possibly be duplicated.  He grew from a tiny 7 pound 2 oz. newborn baby… to a monster 18 pound  infant.  I truly hope that he does not see that drastic of a weight gain again in his lifetime. 

100 days-4100 days-15

I look at newborn babies and can’t imagine that Kyton was once their size.  Here are a few pictures of my boy as a newborn. 

100 days-8 100 days-3

To took a few pictures this morning as Kyton slept next to me.  When he’s asleep he looks the about the same as he did in his newborn pictures.  
100 days-14 100 days-2-2

I am still in awe and amazement that we have been given such a huge blessing, and we get to spend every day with this sweet little boy.  Right after he was born I had a dream that we had to give him back, because we were just babysitting him. I still feel like life with Kyton is too good to be real. 

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Emily said...

Ack! He is so gorgeous! It seems like the time is flying by. I can't believe Kyton is all ready 100 days old! Are you getting anxious about going back to work and leaving him? Or are you ready?

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