Friday, September 30, 2011


This animal themed park is one of my favorite places to visit.  Although I don’ mind seeing the ‘gators, as you can see by the pictures one of our favorite stops was the aviary.  One of the perks of being a teacher in Florida is that Gatorland is free 4 months of the year.   

Gatorland (6 of 16) Gatorland (5 of 16) Gatorland (14 of 16) Gatorland (16 of 16) Gatorland (15 of 16) Gatorland (3 of 16) Gatorland (13 of 16)   Gatorland (10 of 16)  Gatorland (8 of 16) Gatorland (7 of 16) Gatorland (2 of 16) Gatorland (1 of 16)

I’ve managed to convince my family and friends to go with me in the past

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Almost sitting

Kyton can sit by himself for about 1.5 seconds, but he loves sitting with support and looking around.  I love his expression in these pictures! 

almost sitting (1 of 3)  almost sitting (2 of 3)

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Heart Faces – People’s Choice

I heart faces - people's choice


I Heart Faces’s contest this week is People’s Choice from the best of the summer.  With a new baby this summer there are so many favorites, but this I love this retro photo of my little boy.

The first 100 days

In his first 100 days Kyton has made amazing progress that can not possibly be duplicated.  He grew from a tiny 7 pound 2 oz. newborn baby… to a monster 18 pound  infant.  I truly hope that he does not see that drastic of a weight gain again in his lifetime. 

100 days-4100 days-15

I look at newborn babies and can’t imagine that Kyton was once their size.  Here are a few pictures of my boy as a newborn. 

100 days-8 100 days-3

To took a few pictures this morning as Kyton slept next to me.  When he’s asleep he looks the about the same as he did in his newborn pictures.  
100 days-14 100 days-2-2

I am still in awe and amazement that we have been given such a huge blessing, and we get to spend every day with this sweet little boy.  Right after he was born I had a dream that we had to give him back, because we were just babysitting him. I still feel like life with Kyton is too good to be real. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Yoga baby

This week Dylan’s back was hurting him a little.  I thought that this would be a good time to mention that my husband who works out and lifts weights has asked me numerous times how I can carry around our 17 pound boy all day long and not be in excruciating pain.  Apparently carrying our boy is a contributing factor to his back pain.
Dylan agreed to try a yoga video on Netflix streaming.  According to him it is ok for a straight man to do yoga under the following conditions.  1) the video must include a somewhat straight looking man.  2) straight looking man must have body hair in the normal places such as armpits.  3) you must be wearing longer shorts than the man in the DVD.  The most important rule 4) The instructor must be wearing more than a white bikini bottom.  Netflix used to have a yoga video that did not meet this criteria.  Apparently it has since been removed. I was going to try and find a picture of the cover to include, but I could not figure out a search term to use that did not yield disturbing results.
Since the Yoga mat was out Kyton tried a little bit of yoga himself. 
Yoga baby (1 of 5) Yoga baby (3 of 5) Yoga baby (5 of 5)
I love his little hand.
Yoga baby (4 of 5) Yoga baby (2 of 5)
He pretty much hates tummy time.  I feel so bad for making him continue when he’s so clearly unhappy, but I also feel equally bad about not doing tummy time.  Any suggestions for tummy time?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My son looks just like the milkman!

We don’t have a milkman, but he looks like the milkman from my story.

We pulled our some of our old baby photos to compare, and he’s 99% Dylan and 1% me.  Dylan is on the left, Kyton on the right in the pictures below. 
who do I look like (1 of 6)who do I look like (2 of 6) 
Can you see where the second chin came from?  Fortunately Dylan only has one chin now. 
who do I look like (3 of 6)who do I look like (3 of 1)

who do I look like (2 of 1)who do I look like (1 of 1)  

The pictures below are of me (left) and Kyton on the right.
who do I look like (6 of 6)who do I look like (10 of 5)
who do I look like (5 of 6)who do I look like (8 of 5) 

who do I look like (4 of 6)who do I look like (7 of 5)


If you have not seen our now and then photos, they are great for a laugh and include more baby pictures of Dylan.

Is there any resemblance at all to me?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Touch of Sun

All of the stars lined up on Aidan and Tammy’s wedding day. They had an amazing sunset on a gorgeous December day in Florida.  This is one of my favorite images with the sun peeking through their faces as they kiss. 
a touch of sun
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3 months

I can’t believe that another month has passed.  I have stuck with my goal of taking a picture a day of my boy.  At the end of the year I am going to make a baby book of sorts including his picture of the day and the small memories that I’ve included next to each date. I am posting the pictures and memories on my blog so that I don’t put it off and forget the memories.  Feel free to take a look.   If you have not seen his earlier pictures they can be found here:  1 month  2 months
August 19 – Napping on Krissi’s boppy & a blanket from Great Grandma Swab
August 20 – Ky met his Great Uncle Terry & Great Uncle Rob. Grandma Cheri and Grandpa Ron and Great Aunt Lee also came to Ohio to visit.
August 21 – Ky met his cousins Molly & Haylie
August 22 – Grandpa knows Kyton loves the outdoors & takes him outside anytime he gets a little fussy. 
August 23 – Aunt Rebecca took Kyton for a hike around Hudson Springs Park.  Aunt Sharon went with us too!  Kyton is modeling Rebecca’s scarf.  Kyton felt his first earthquake today too!  We were on the phone with daddy & Ky was nursing.
August 24 – Visited the Cleveland Zoo with Aunt Sharon and Aunt Rebecca and friends. The aquarium was Kyton’s favorite part.
August 25 – Laughing with Aunt Rebecca
August 26 – We spent most of the day at the funeral home for the visitation hours for Great Grandma Swab.  We tried to take Kyton swimming, but he fell asleep. 
August 27 – Attended Great Grandma Swab’s funeral. In the evening he got to go to his first Cleveland Indian’s game with  our extended family.  The Indians won!  Kyton was great at the game & did not seem bothered much by the noise and lights. 
August 28 – Gathered with mommy’s cousins & second cousins to enjoy Chinese food, Great Grandma Swab’s favorite. 
August 29  - Buried Great Grandma Swab today and said goodbye to our family in Ohio and Aunt Rebecca who went back to Denmark. 
August 30  - Back from Ohio today.  The flight was not the easiest for Kyton.  He was fine during landing and take off, but cried for a while in the middle.  Daddy was glad to have us back.
August 31 – Glad to be back home!  He missed his toys.
September 1 – Daddy watched Kyton this evening for 3 hours, and it was rough!  He was crying uncontrollably.  Daddy called mommy to ask where to find diapers.
September 2 – Enjoyed a long walk today!
September 3 – Trip to Gatorland
September 4 - Trip to the Florida aquarium.  May have been a bit over stimulating!
Kyton September 04, 2011 Kyton September 04, 2011-3 Kyton September 04, 2011-2
September 5 – Happy Labor Day!  Took a 1.5 hour nap during the day. This is not normal.  Mommy kept checking to see if he was alright. 
September 6 – 3 month growth spurt, eating all day!
September 7 - 3 month growth spurt, eating all day!
September 8 – 4 month doctor’s appointment.  The doctor absolutely loves seeing him & said Kyton reminded him of his own son.
September 9 – such a happy boy, we went for a long walk today as we have been doing many days recently. 
September 10 – Daddy made him change clothes for church. Apparently this outfit is not church appropriate. 
September 11 – Mommy was not feeling well today, so the picture was taken by daddy. 
September 12 – Ky scooted himself off of the mat and a few feet across the room.  He ate a half pound at breastfeeding group, and weighed 17 lbs.  after his meal. 
September 13 – Stacie and Sarah came over for dinner. Kyton sat in the high chair for the first time while we all ate dinner.   
September 14 - Kyton’s first drum lesson.
20110914-IMG_0893Kyton September 14, 2011
September 15
Kyton September 15, 2011 
September 16  - Daddy stayed with Kyton while mommy went out.  Kyton had a rough time and refused to eat most of the bottle. When mommy got home Kyton and daddy were cuddling on the bed. 
Kyton September 16, 2011Kyton September 16, 2011
September 17 – Put Ky’s feet in the pool. 
Kyton September 17, 2011
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