Thursday, August 4, 2011

I love being a mom

Being a mom has been so much better than I ever expected.  There are so many moments with my son that I treasure.  Here are just a few…

seeing him smile, apparently I am hilarious… who knew?

mommy love-14

cuddling in the morning
mommy love-1

watching him learn something new. (Picture on the left, I put him down on his belly & he rolled. He did it 3 times in a few days, but has not done it since.  We’ve been trying to catch it on camera, so I’m sure that is the problem. )
mommy love-2mommy love-6

the way he finds me anywhere in the room
mommy love-8

his sweet face when he sleeps

mommy love-17

kissing those sweet baby cheeks
mommy love-9

the way he wraps his delicate baby hand around things
mommy love-13

he looks cute in everything he wears
mommy love-11mommy love-12

that we are convinced that we have the cutest baby ever!
mommy love-5

tummy time on us
mommy love-19

seeing Dylan turn into a wonderful daddy
mommy love-15mommy love-10

watching him smile in his sleep
mommy love-4

funny faces
mommy love-7

an excuse…
mommy love-16


to take…

mommy love-18

too many pictures!
mommy love-3

What do you love about a new baby?


Anna said...

Adorable! Love them all! I think I took over 12,000 pictures of my first child in her first year. Can we say overkill?!?!? :) but I love looking back at those memories! Soak him up...every minute of it!!!

Taylor said...

So precious, and it just keeps getting better!! I could pass on the arguing but other than that it's been so great LOL.

eileeninmd said...

Carly, your baby is just adorable. I love all the photos.

Jenny said...

Such sweetness! I just love that red hair!

Baby smell, cuddles, gummy name it, I love it!

Chris said...

welcome to mommy moments! :D i love all the photos.. you captured every special moment! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my kitchen makeover!! :) I LOVE this post! You're baby is so precious. It makes me miss when my boys were this age... What do I love about babies? I love the new baby smell :) and I love their smile when they only have those 2 little teeth at the bottom... So sweet. Enjoy this tender time with your little man! :) xo, Reannah

Cheri said...

It's beautifully obvious you love being a Mommy...beautiful photos.. precious times!!!...the best Mommy for my darling Grandbaby boy!!!

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