Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crafty Decorations

I love the idea of being crafty, and I love the supplies, but what I lack is the talent.  Before Kyton was born we had decided on his name, but wanted to see him first to make sure the name fit the face.  My husband had a severe case of “nesting” and I was not about to add another task to his list.  All of the tasks on his list needed to be done that minute, and we could not rest until the list was finished.  When my contractions were less than 5 minutes apart, and it was clearly time to head to the hospital, he was finishing his list.  I’m so fortunate to have a husband that gets things done, but it’s exhausting when pregnant.
Now that Kyton is here, and his name is official, it’s time for a few decorations.  I know some families go crazy decorating the nursery, but due to my lack of craftiness and not wanting to add one more thing to the list, we went low key.
This is what hung over Kyton’s crib for the first 5 weeks of his life:
 name project-14
My masters degree.  Not your typical above the crib decorations.  Before we had Kyton I had a desk that I never used, and above it hung my degree.
name project-2 name project-3
We purchased wooden letters and I painted them solid blue...
name project-1
Kyton supervised…
name project-4name project-5
Remember how I mentioned my lack of skill, well luckily Dylan’s mom was in town.  She is extremely creative and talented and even went to college for art. I love the modern designs she used.
name project-7name project-8
We wanted to incorporate our little boy in the project, so we added his baby footprints.
name project-13name project-12
Dylan added a coat of shiny protectant, I hot glued ribbon on the back, and we swapped out my degree for Ky’s name.  Another thing checked off the list!

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Kallee Anne said...

I love the footprints. What a great idea. visiting from tip junkie!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!! Your little boy is such a sweetie pie! I love the idea of footprints on the baby name sign - my sister is having a baby in Sept. & I'll be sure to share this idea with her! Great job! xo, Reannah

The Riggs Family said...

Those are fabulous! Love the O with the footprints!

Anonymous said...

I love them, especially the footprints! Adorable. :)

Jenny said...

Love them! Your Mil is definitely very talented..

Shell said...

Super cute!

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