Monday, July 18, 2011

I Heart Faces - Props

I normally am not much of a fan of props in photos, except when the props have special meaning  Kyton absolutely despised the hat, and this was a chance picture in between putting the hat on his head, crying, and removing the hat. The hat was given to me by my grandma “to take him home from the hospital.”  Kyton was bon in June in Florida.  Apparently there is an old wives tale saying that if a baby is outside without a hat they will get an ear infection.  The blanket was crochet by my aunt. 
If you are a person that prays would you please say a quick prayer for my grandma?  She is had a small stroke over the weekend.  They expect her to be fine, but she has a bit of recovery ahead.

kyton - props-1


Jessica said...

Beautiful and so adorable. Love the hat. :-)

Taylor said...

Perfectly adorable!!

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